Seikosha gift project!

Push like in Seikosha page and you’ll get a chance to get Tofu oyako and devil man figure!


Here’s another KAWAII japanese character of food, this time, it’s TO-FU! 豆腐。They are called “TO-FU OYAKO” their story is pretty good. The red tofu is mother. and the blue tofu ( a little one ) is her son. Now They are looking for his missing father. (Story.)

Birth of To-Fu family :
Shinichiro Kitai(DEVILROBOTS) says, I wanted to create a character with simple line but with strong impact. Then the square big headed character with space suit like body character was created. For some reason, the character has troubled face. This was the very unique point of this character, so gave it more thoughts.

Note :
Outdoor signboard
Vietnam,Ho chi minh,HCM,HOChiMinh,Saigon,Hanoi,Da Nang
Airport,Noi Bai,Tan Son Nhat
屋外広告,ベトナム, Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh , Saigon,ビルボード



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